Charity DAO
Christoph Jentzsch

This looks like a great idea. As you said, “charity” sort of has a black eye.

I do some work in Haiti, when I’m able. Most folks area aware of the millions supposedly spent there by Red Cross, plus the Clinton Foundation scheme that raped millions in donations while providing very little in way of relief.

IMO, one of the problems with the way these sort of charities are run is that if there’s any semblance of profitability in the project, then it’s no longer considered “charity”. It’s entrepreneurship or something along those lines.

Why aren’t more charitable efforts focused on providing a long-term solution to the poverty of given regions? Is it because of this factor? Is it self-preservation? I honestly don’t know. But there is a better way.

People need to be provided with a means to rise above their circumstances. They need some resources. Sometimes they need insight. Usually there are agricultural opportunities to provide at least sustenance for their own families. But a truly regenerative holistic path will have a vision for a profitable endeavor as it matures.

By providing a sound business base that develops international market relationships, promoting the work of the impoverished, opportunities are opened for them to become productive to the point of profitability. The business profits only when the individual profits, because it only gets a percentage, not a fee. Donations (or investments) keep the business afloat when until the locals start becoming profitable.

I’ve developed a concept for one such project in Haiti, on the larger of the neglected islands, La Gonave. It’s truly regenerative and holistic, promoting the health of the people, the land on which they live and the economy of the island. But some don’t consider it “charity” because of the profit aspect of it. They’re wrong. Perhaps the most charitable thing we can do is to provide the means for the impoverished to pick themselves up through hard work and determination. This will be more rewarding for the individual. It will give them more purpose. And the ripple effect will result in more jobs created.