Why Japanese Pitcher Have Higher Possibility To Get Injure

In recent year, I often hear the Japanese name at baseball stadium. This year, Masahiro Tanaka who is coming from Japan to New York Yankees was injured elbow his first season at MLB. Likewise, Daisuke Mtuzaka, Yu Darvish, and Kouji Uehara injured elbow or shoulder. Do you know why Japanese pitcher have higher possibility to get injure, they did not stretch after or before training or their pitching form is making presser to his body? The answer is certainly NOT. In fact, they stretch after and before training, and their pitching form is awesome; however, why they are making some trouble about arm.

First of all, do you know the KOUSIEN ? This is the one of the famous baseball competition for high school students in Japan, around 1400 high school baseball team entry and decide which high school is most strongest team. High school baseball player are spending whole him life to this competition. For example, from my experience, I was a one of the person who spent whole high school life to baseball. We practiced after class at 3pm to 8pm and just around 15 days off a year. When we were long vacation, we started practicing at 6am to 7pm. As a result, my body was pumped up every day; however, I practiced baseball everyday to be champion.

Masahiro Tanaka is also spending whole him high school life to baseball. When he was 18 years old, his team was going to final stage of championship. He had been throwing around 1500 ball during one month. Likewise, Daisuke Matuzaka, his team was also going to final stage, and he had been throwing around 1800 ball during this competition. These amount are almost same as 1 season.

These background is caused of going to be injured. However, they do not care about injuring while they are playing baseball because their dream is just win the championship. I think, officer of this tournament must make a some rules for saving future’s top baseball player’s.

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