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Source: Toptal

What is Gestalt principles?

7 Gestalt principles of design (this is only one of many variations, and it seems to be the most recent):

How to create focal point using Gestalt principles?

What is focal point?

Focal point is the point of interest, emphasis which we hope will catch our audiences’ attention when they first land on our design.

Create focal points using Gestalt principles


Source: UnitoneVector

Working in the software industry in a country with a long history of software outsourcing, I inherited the waterfall mindset disguising itself in the agile shell inevitably. Everybody knows outsourcing is all about taking requirements as orders and dealing with hard deadlines. You can ask for the reason for building a feature, but even if your client gives you a made-up response, you still need to go with it. That basically turned our team into a feature factory. …

Joe Lê

Product manager who learns to apply minimalism to product management disciplines.

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