Paul Ryan won’t say how many people will lose insurance under Trumpcare
Ned Resnikoff

Paul Ryan is clueless about healthcare as are most republikkkans. But Paul Ryan doesn’t give a sh*t either! He’s got his and doesn’t really want anyone else dipping in the same pool. Give us (we the people) what congress and the senate gets or give them what they want to give us and hear their whining from sea to shining sea. If they really were for the people they’d get with Bernie and we’d have national healthcare like single payer, medicare for all. But they’re not for the people and the people or at least half of’em would still vote republikkkan. They know not what they do and the republiKKKans love it. Keep ’em uneducated and dumb and dumber and they keep getting voted back in office like business as usual. Sad!

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