A Gentle Introduction to the Spotify Developer API

Have you ever wanted to add Spotify integration into your app or website? Adding personalized music to any application is super easy with the Spotify Developer API. Personally, I have been playing around the Spotify API with an IoT project I have been building in my free time.

It’s not that often that I go to a conference or watch a talk on YouTube that truly changes the way I think about programming or software development. Even though I’m someone who does frontend development for a living, most of the talks that were most illuminating for me are talks that are either language-agnostic or unrelated to my daily work. These are the tech talks that have had the biggest impact on my career and my life.

I find good tech talks to be a combo of entertainment and broadening my toolbox of programming concepts. When I hit good…

Are you interested in learning how to use the MongoDB Stitch serverless platform? Like many of you, I have been interested in learning more about MongoDB’s cloud offerings while simultaneously not spending a dime. This guide is for the developer who only has 10 minutes to spare and who wants to learn a brand new tool from MongoDB.

There are times where people ask me how I work and about what software or gear I am using. This page will serve as a living document for people to always know the latest and greatest.

If there is something missing leave a comment below or ask in my AMA — happy to chat and help you figure out your own situation.

My Desk Setup

I have a work machine and a personal machine at home.

  • My primary work laptop is a fully loaded MacBook Pro 2018 with an i9, 32GB RAM, and 512GB hard drive.
  • My home laptop is a fully loaded

Okay, we all know that React was built with performance in mind, but when is React slow? I want to break down for you, dear reader, common bottlenecks in React and when you might be making your program work harder than it should.

First of all, we need to set a baseline. How the heck do we measure performance in a React Application? Well, I am glad you asked! As of React 16, React has a performance monitoring tool baked into the vanilla development mode of React!

Okay, let’s check it out. When you are in a development build, you…

I Ran My First Hackathon, and So Can You! Here are the lessons I learned from planning, organizing, and executing my first hackathon. The hackathon I ran was the Stupid Shit and Terrible Ideas Hackathon) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Okay, so first of all, what exactly is a hackathon? I find that when I tell people about hackathons, they assume I am hacking into some mainframe with my hack friends, like some scene out of Hackers.


I define “hackathon” very broadly:

  • Hacking is creative problem-solving. (It does not have to be about technology.)
  • A hackathon is any event…

After reading High-Performance Browser Networking by Ilya Grigorik, I was inspired to implement all of the client-server communication techniques outlined in his book in Node and JavaScript. This post covers the following forms of client-server connection:

  • XMLHttpRequest
  • Server-Sent Events
  • WebSocket
  • HTTP/2
  • Server to server

You can check out the complete source code for each implementation here.

Before we begin, I should note that there is no one best protocol or API for client/server communication. Every non-trivial application will require a mix of different transports based on a variety of requirements: interaction with the browser cache, protocol overhead, message latency, reliability…

My Relationship With The Internet

There have been a lot of articles recently published about how the internet, social media, and smart phones are killing ‘real human connections.’ I however believe that this a reactionary knee jerk to a changing social landscape.

Virtual connections are not a replacement for real vulnerable and intimate relationships, and no has claimed that they are. Virtual relationships or relationships supported by the internet are just a new form of relationship that we haven’t seen before. This does not make them bad, it just makes it new and different, and that’s okay. …

The Bechdel Test Script Parser was a collaborative digital humanities project between myself and my sister, Laurel Karlsson. It is the product of a shared passion for film, feminism, and the creative potential of technology. By combining the talents and interests of myself, a software engineer, and my sister, a English Scholar, we’ve been able to create an innovative data mining tool for film analysis that we hope to continue to work on and improve. You can check out the project on our website, and the open source code can be viewed here.

This project was born when my sister…

Okay, so you have an idea for a new company, and you just know that Facebook for cats is the next billion dollar idea. The only issue is that you have no idea how to code. You heard from your aunt that you have a cousin that lives in Mississippi who works for some tech company, but besides that you have no idea who to turn to. So how do you find the elusive technical cofounder you need to help you launch your business?

I get approached all the time by “idea people” who have a billion dollar idea they…

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