On dating men with “potential”

Titles screw up more articles than anything else.

TL;DR: Don’t get into relationships with men who have serious mental problems, of which addiction is one. Actually, that one is 2-way and pretty much universal. Likewise, if you’re looking to solve your own issues through someone else, you can’t make intelligent bets and you should stop.

Um, yeah.

Christiana gets into trouble by confusing “serious mental issues” with “potential.” Betting on “potential” can be worthwhile - at a certain stage of your life, and if you understand where the “Stop!” line is. She didn’t, and she is no longer young enough to make this a valid dating option.

But it can still be a valid option for women in their early 20s and men 30+. *IF* they understand the 2 key lessons Christiana didn’t learn in time.

An article with a title that conveyed this frame would have been much less controversial. Which probably means less… potential.

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