Goodbye for Now; Eat at Arby’s
Avi Woolf

What’s clear to me is that neither side understands the other. The people you disdain here (which is what telegraphs your mistake) understand what they’re doing. Those reasons are not effectively expressed in this article, which also fails to look at the comparison to alternatives. I am not a Trump fan, for some of the reasons you’ve explained here. But you cannot influence people you misunderstand.

You do need a break. You won’t be able to stop thinking about this stuff entirely, so my recommendation is to start with this:

“I notice that I am confused.”

The election is just noise. What’s going on underneath is where you will find the resolution of your confusion.

You’ll need to walk some strange roads to get all of the viewing angles you need - and some of them will be hostile. It’s a wilderness out there. Relax, walk the journey, engage anyway, and you may come back with interesting thoughts.

Pro tip: if you find a burning bush, roasting marshmallows is a faux pas.

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