Forget Matt Lauer, the story of the week is Congress censoring press freedom in the good ‘ol U. S. of A.

It was a calculated one-two punch. Presumably bowing to pressure by the hysterical witch-criers of the Congressional Russia Probe, the Justice Department forced the cable and internet news outlet, RT America to register as a foreign agent operating in the United States. That happened in the second week of November.

Within the last two days, the Radio and TV Congressional Gallery, where the press is officially briefed by Congress, issued a proclamation revoking RT America’s credentials and banning them from entry into their reindeer games.

The best show in town is still the White House press briefings, and so far, RT America’s press credentials have not been stripped from entry there. That could be next with Russian hysteria still gripping Washington over a year out from the election.

The mainstream media’s lobbying arm has also pressured Congress because they fear the growing audience that RT America has reached both on the television and the internet. While RT’s claims that it reaches 35 million viewers daily are heavily disputed, its internet dominance is not questioned.

Oh yes, I forgot that Congress also pressured YouTube and Twitter to stop taking advertising dollars from RT, and the giants of internet media distribution have bowed to the will of Big Brother (Adam Schiff) and Big Sister (Diane Feinstein).

Why should anyone care? China People’s Daily, Japan’s Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), France 24, BBC America and others still haunt the halls of Congress. So why single out RT?

I am also a frequent viewer of the progressive FreeSpeechTV and Link TV networks. It strikes me how often RT America’s point of view is similar to these bastions of liberalism.

It cannot all be about Russiagate. RT America broadcasts liberals like L.arry King and Ed Schultz daily, as well as independents, peaceniks and U.S. war-policy critics like Jesse Ventura and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, the American bulldog of an anti-war activist you see holding up bloodied signs on the floor of Congress and regularly being escorted out. If liberals in Washington were really so liberal, then RT America should be their dream news channel.

But you see, criticism of any kind of U.S. foreign and regime-change policy, cannot be tolerated. I seriously doubt that Vladimir Putin is telling Jesse Ventura or Ed Schultz what to say. But that does not matter. According to Congress, RT America is Putin’s personal megaphone.

Wrong. Washington and the mainstream media are U.S. arms manufacturers’ and the military/intelligence industrial complex’s personal cheerleaders. We are propagandized daily by them.

You cannot believe half of what RT America says, I’ll admit. But you cannot believe half of what the people on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, the New York Times, the Washington Post or any other mainstream media news outlet say either. So if you watch, listen or read them both, and filter out the propaganda, you might get to something that approaches the truth.

One current non-story, according the mainstream press is that ISIS, you know them, the omnipotent existential terrorist threat of the new millennium, is all-but-defeated. The “caliphate” they attempted to establish across Northern Syria and Iraq is overthrown. Vanquished. Dead on Arrival. Big news right? You barely hear a whisper. Of course that might bring up questions of the thousands of civilian dead and injured in the process of destroying Mosul and Raqqa.

You might hear or read stories about how the hardliner ideology of ISIS is still a big threat and will most likely regroup and evolve in other places (like the Obama-overthworn, still-war-torn Libya). But you won’t hear about how some of the relatives of the civilian dead and wounded in the sieges of Mosul and Raqqa could become radicalized and join them.

Another current example of the fear and paranoia that is broadcast in the mainstream media daily is all about Kim Jong Un’s (“Little Rocket Man”) fireworks displays. Sure they are getting more powerful. But do we ever hear it suggested that this escalation could all end tomorrow if the U.S. stopped the war games it has been playing on the North Korean border now for decades? Does anyone ever ask what would be so wrong for North Korea to live without the specter of aggression constantly coming from the U.S.? Trump has been more vocal (in a comical, showman-like way) than other presidents, but U.S. policy when it comes to North Korea is nothing new.

Max Blumenthal, a respected progressive journalist recently said on RT America that our Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley’s only foreign policy experience was eating at the International House of Pancakes. Her constant saber-rattling against North Korea, as she attempts to stare other members of the UN Security Council into submission, are comic genius. Why no one has lampooned that woman on Saturday Night Live yet I will never know.

Oh wait, Saturday Night Live is part of the mainstream media and subject to military industrial complex pressure as well folks. Sorry to tell you.

U.S. policy when it comes to any foreign leader that looks at us the wrong way has been regime change now for decades. Can we blame Kim for wanting a nuke to protect himself when he sees Saddam Hussein — dead in Iraq? Muammar Gaddafi — dead in Libya. Bashar Al Assad of Syria — in the U.S. crosshairs. Cubas’ Castro — hunted for decades by the CIA. Mossadegh in Iran, Allende of Chile, Zelaya in Honduras, Aristide of Haiti — a cavalcade of democratically-elected leaders throughout the 20th century who did not want to play ball the way we wanted them to, all overthrown and forced to flee.

I would not want to be in the position of the leader of a small sovereign nation standing up to the shock and awe of the U.S. Empire. You’ve got to admit the guy’s got balls, if not a rectum (N. Korean folklore).

I don’t know if Kim is nuts as the media propagandizes us to believe. No one, including his own people, knows him. People in our country use the 2nd Amendment and fear of the U.S. government taking their rights away to arm themselves to the teeth. Let Kim have his big gun and leave him the heck alone. I suspect if we left him alone, he would abandon his big gun all on his own.

Washington and the media loves to make us believe in foreign boogeymen with funny-sounding names that hate us just because they hate our freedom. They have it down to a science now. They know little outlets like viewer-funded FreeSpeechTV and LinkTV that speak truth to power are of little consequence. But RT America, with its Russian bank-funded big budget is a serious threat.