7 Health and Wellness Tips to Follow Right Now

It wouldn’t have been surprising to see people pay no heed to health and fitness a decade ago, but as people started losing health down the lane, it is one of the top priorities on the agenda. People have upped their efforts and are learning to balance life and work. If you are also ready to join the bandwagon, here are 7 health and wellness tips you must start following right now.

1. Intensive Fitness is No More for the Fitness Freaks
You no more go on frantic jogs or gym sessions. Intense and evenly spread fitness programs are the mantra this time around. These not only focus on workout but on all the aspects of physical wellness— exercise, health coaching, nutrition — everything that keeps you in shape and going strong. 
Hire a health coach if you may; enroll into a fitness program and go the measured way. Don’t operate on hunches, and keep your progress tracked at every step.
2. Time to Let the Beauty Bloom from the Inside
So, all that jojoba and vitamins don’t have to be always applied topically after all. You can consume some of the most virtuous ingredients orally and still look like a million dollars without spending a million dollars. Right now what’s trending is sipping on the herbs. It’s much more effective than topical treatments and easier on the pocket too. Dozens of companies have floated in nutrients that are meant for drinking, and that can beautify your skin effectively. Things like Rhodiola Rosea are easily available in supplement form and can be just stirred and had.

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3. Let Oil Replace Your Staple Cleansers
Really? Are you still thinking that oils causes acne? One good health and wellness tip this year is to do away with this misconception. While coconut oil has been the oldest, the most nutritive and the mildest skin cleanser, these days many company has floated plant oils that especially serve the purpose of skin cleansing. 
Use a plant-based cleansing oil, not a petroleum-based, and you will see that it works better than any cosmetic based cleanser.
4. Meditation will Be Your Social Wellness Program
Meditation is not anymore something that you do alone, just like fitness programs. It is the new way to social wellness. People joining in an effort to stay mentally and emotionally fit, is the new way to keep one from bunking on it. 
If you have people around you who like this idea of meditating together, you not only have a good chance to stay mentally calm and fit, about also to gel more with the people in your milieu.

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5. Fight Stress the Herbal Way
Apart from taking tip 1 and tip 4 to bust your stress, you can also lean on adaptogens. Too scientific? Well, adaptogens are a kind of superherbs that help you body in handling stress. Herbs like ashwagandha, moringa, ginseng, maca, etc., work as agents that assist you in fighting stress in the most natural way, so that you don’t feel all drained out at the end of a long day. 
But make sure you do consult your doctor about the dosage.

6. Beauty Salons and Spa Still Work Very Well — Call Them In
This is a revolution if you think that you cannot fit in an hour or two in your day to visit a salon and a spa. Since it takes longer to visit, you can simply call them in. Yes, salons and spas on-demand is an amazing option and you must use it to keep looking good amidst that busy schedule of yours.
7. Toast Some Nut Milk for Good Health
Nut milks; not cold pressed juices; but nut milk. Period. 
These are capable of doing wonders to your health. Apart from being all-natural, and free from added emulsifiers and sugars, these are also good for people with lactose intolerance. Pistachio, walnut, cashew, Brazil nut, macadamia nut — juts name it and you shall find it on your nearest supermarket shelf. These come in small packages too and are ideal for a quick gulp in your coffee break.

So, just follow these 7 great health and wellness tips and see what the dawn of the New Year brings for you.