How An Hour and a Few Dollars a Month will Leverage Your ROI

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Is this one of your free articles for the month? I know the feeling, “is this one worth it?” After spending far too long limited to three articles a month, I decided it was time to subscribe to Medium in exchange for the price of a morning coffee. The value I was seeing from the limited articles I read, made the decision much easier. The articles were well written, included references, and had in-depth analysis. As an electrical engineer, this was right in my wheelhouse. For five dollars a month, I already knew the investment would be worth it.


What I’ve taken from a journey of 300 pounds to ultra-marathoner

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Do you ever get the feeling of “how the hell did I get here”? You graduate school, wake up one day, and it’s been years? Or you went on vacation and were so excited to for what was next on the itinerary, that before you realize it, you were home again? Well, I did, until I learned how to manipulate time in my favor.

Amidst my twenties, I had unhealthily gained almost 120 pounds, tipping the scale just shy of 300 pounds. Standing five-foot-nine, I was unrecognizable. The person in the mirror wasn’t me! …

How Remote Working Can Help Change Your Life for the Better

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for yourself? To wake up every day and focus on the tasks you set for yourself? To not have to ask permission to alter your schedule? I know I did. And if you’re lost in the nine-to-five operation like I was, then you probably have wondered as well.

I was an excellent worker. I came in early and worked into the night. I always made sure that my work exceeded all expectations, and the clients were happy. Eventually, however, the work became less satisfying. After the initial few years…

How to Make the Most Out of Your Week.

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Distractions are growing increasingly difficult to avoid as technology advances at an exponential rate. With this growth, the correlation to the availability of content we consume strengthens, especially with mobile tech. On YouTube alone, 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute. We watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, more than Netflix and Facebook videos combined. Those numbers are staggering, and I have no doubt they’ll continue to rise.

Machine learning and the advancements in artificial intelligence makes it easy for us to be shown exactly what we desire when we enter the apps or visit…

Solutions for Living the Virtual Life and How to Work from Home

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So, you’ve decided to work from home, occupy a virtual office, work remotely, become a café crusader. Perhaps your company is requiring you to work remotely. Regardless, this is an exhilarating time for you. When I left my corporate office job to work remotely for a company, I was ecstatic. There were so many plans to utilize my time which I would have otherwise spent commuting. I was able to focus more time on housework, I could cook my own meals, focus more time towards health and fitness, and even run errands.

By working remotely, depending on your type of…

What I Learned From My First Month on Medium

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After spending many years writing technical reports for clients as an electrical engineer, I decided it was time to write for myself. I came across an article on Medium which intrigued me to look inward at my own experiences and viewpoints. I never thought about it, but I have a lot of internal dialogue. Internal dialogue that has a lot to say, all of the time! Most days I ignored it, but now I started to listen. What I realized was that the conversation contained many ideas which were typically lost to lack of attention. They were conjured up and…

Achieving Your Dreams One Step at a Time

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As the new year kicked off in 2016, I suddenly became aware that years had passed since I traveled or had an aspiration to chase a new goal. Most of my twenties were spent gaining degrees and work experience in a profession I had settled on. By my late twenties, an irresistible hunger for change arose.

The repetition of the same daily routine, week after week, became apparent, I had become stagnant in my desire for excitement and action. There was an aura of boredom and laziness which consumed me. Determination and drive were non-existent, dreams and goals felt as…

How I lost 40 pounds blending smoothies on a 100+ pound weight-loss journey.

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Growing up, I had gone through a few chubby-skinny cycles ,as many kids do between ages 13 and 18. However, during my mid-twenties, the cycle was exaggerated, and I had gained nearly 120 pounds since high school, standing an average 5’-9” and weighing just shy of 300 pounds.

I didn’t recognize myself. I appeared swollen. I couldn’t fit into the joint desk/chair when I was taking classes, and I never imagined having to debate going to the big n’ tall section when having to pick out new dress pants because I had no clothes that fit.

In January 2016, after…

Joe Konczynski, P.E.

We all have experiences! Just create ways to tell your stories, you could change someones life!

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