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Ever had that feeling where you like the software you’re using but you wish it had a feature that would make it that much better? After experiencing that myself I thought “that’s simple enough… I could actually build that…”

Here’s how this Google Slides add-on came to fruition.

At my previous company, I was using Google slides to make a presentation which totalled 30–50 slides. Frustratingly, at the last possible minute, I needed to match my company’s colour palette. I required the text colour to be changed for every text box... On every slide!

At the time it seemed beneath me to click the same thing ~3 x 30–50 times, which could amount…

For quite some time I’ve been worried about our interdependent microservices, specifically how they might impact one another when it comes to deploying to production, given that some of our APIs are shared across teams.

Up until now, the process has been:

  1. Deployer asks team members if this looks right
  2. Team members also try to remember

There are several solutions available, some of which spring to mind are:


Joel Balmer

Software Engineer, film Composer and “Allotmental Health” practitioner!

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