And they are neither economists nor crypto currency businesses, so you’d think they’d defer to…

It’s quite common for company management to ask the development branch for changes that are either impossible or otherwise harmful to the system in ways that the management can’t understand and will just shrug off as “it’s the developers’ problem to solve”.

In those case the developers have basically two options.

  1. Either they create something haphazard that will seem to work, for a while, after which the company is in a world of pain, especially the developers, unless they just pack their bags and leave.
  2. The other alternative is that they just refuse to make the changes and deal with the shitstorm that comes from the management for the refusal, but the company survives.

We’re lucky to have developers with the backbone to pick option 2.

What I see you doing is wanting to replace them with developers who’ll happily pick option 1.

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