I have to say this article looks like someone wanting to prop up Core/Blockstream propaganda as…
MC Kuky

The things you’re calling facts… Boggles my mind. You’re blaming core for the very thing you’re doing yourself.

That includes your claim that scaling on-chain would somehow work against the banks. It won’t. Scaling on chain to reach the capacity needed to serve even a small fraction of the world, will inevitably centralize Bitcoin. All of it, as there would be no layers.

If we limit the scale of the base layer and leave scaling to 2nd layer solutions, the base layer stays incorruptible and we can continue the research for better second layer options.

Even if the top layers end up captured by regulators/banks, the base would survive and allow us to try again without having to rebuild the whole human network around the system, which is the most difficult part in creating a cryptocurrency.

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