Improving a childcare app for parents

My wife and I use an app to communicate with and see status updates of our two girls when they’re at daycare. Overall the app is a big benefit as it saves us from having to review a daily paper sheet with what happened that day — all you parents with kids in daycare probably know what I mean…

Despite the app’s benefits, there is one particular aspect of the app that is a negative experience — communication.

The app shows a daily timeline of what happens — in live time. We get notifications on our phones whenever something is added. This includes everything from when they eat a meal, are playing a game or use the bathroom. If there is something the teacher needs to communicate to us parents, we are sent a message inline in the timeline. We can also reply to the message, but we can’t see what we wrote after we hit “send” for the message.

How to Improve

The improvement is simple: show messages from all parties. This includes the teacher and the parent(s). These messages would also be viewed inline and could also be viewed in a separate window for messages related to that child.

The result would be more transparency between all parties. Each parent could see what the other wrote in a message, and could return to view both sides of a conversation from the past.

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