7 techniques volleyball players must follow

Whether you are playing volleyball on the grass, indoors or even at the beach, it is a fantastic way to workout, burn calories and build muscle tone. Like any sport, certain skills are required to become a decent volleyball player. Men, women, boys and girls can enjoy playing the game. Here are some of the fundamentals.

Hand-Eye Coordination.

  • Volleyball requires strong hand-eye coodination. You must follow the ball in every direction while playing offense or defense. This is CRITICAL. Playing close attention to the ball can affect your hitting, passing, setting, spiking, or even blocking. This is a MUST.

Setting the ball

  • The setter plays an important position on the team. He or she is in charge of the ball, who should get the ball, setting up a teammate to spike the ball correctly or even pass the ball. Having great form and hand placement is vital to proper setting. This product by Ace Swift was developed as a setting training tool to help players with hand placement. If you are looking for help in setting the ball correctly, give it a try. Ace Set Straps

Spiking the ball

  • I already know what you’re thinking, “Do I have to be tall to spike the ball?” Actually, no! You do, however, want to be able to jump high enough to hit over the net. Hitting the ball in a downward motion or even, “Tipping the ball” can be essential techniques to score points.

Passing Ball

  • Passing is the act of getting the ball to another teammate after it has been served or hit over the net by the opposing team. Forearm volleyball passes are often used to direct the ball. Passing the ball on the forearm is something that needs to be learned. Ace Sleeves help give a perfect target pass with padded protection from floor burns and contact discomfort. Take a look for yourself!


  • Serving is one of the most important positions of the game. Each serve can score a potential point. Serving is an “offensive weapon” and also sets the tone. You can serve either under hand or overhand, which is used more among skilled players. Knowing proper hand placement and using the right motion are key techniques to serving. Ace Pal is a solo serving practice aid for all experience levels. The device has a handy rebound effect where the elastic cords cause the ball to return back to the player. Check it out yourself, it’s a great product and highly recommended.


  • Blocking is an important position to learn as it can easily score a point for your team or give the opposing team an advantage. Knowing when to detect a blocking opportunity will keep your opponent on their toes and keep them guessing where and when to spike the ball.


  • Digging is a defensive maneuver that saves your team from a offensive point. Players dive for the ball to keep the opposing team from scoring a point. Unlike a regular forearm pass, this type of maneuver is mainly used to recover and pass the ball. Investing in knee pads is highly recommended while digging.