After Binance investments the Idex exchange has seen its token appreciate over 800% in one week and this could be just the beginning.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency broker, has taken a large share of the IDEX Exchange from internal sources with huge potential to dominate the Dex market in the coming years.
IDEX is bringing the same world-class out-of-chain infrastructure to Polygon as IDEX Ethereum. This includes the high-performance matching engine, instant execution, front protection, and advanced order types not found in any other DEX. …

THE PROMISE OF SUPER PROFITS WITH ALL THE SIGNS OF A PYRAMID SCHEME — The year 2019 was the year of the business boom of pyramids that say they invest in Forex, Cryptocurrencies and digital products.
Experts ranked AirBitClub the largest financial pyramid of 2019. The company promised its customers a super return on investment in cryptocurrency. By some estimates, around 5 million people have invested in it a total of more than $17.4 billion dollars worldwide.
Mining, Bitcoin, high profitability, wonderful stories of sudden enrichment about something that doesn’t really exist in the physical sense — many have heard about it…

It’s been a huge last six months for IDEX as we’ve been ramping up the product release schedule. Here’s a brief highlight reel of the major initiatives during this time period.

  • October 2020 — IDEX 2.0 Mainnet Launch
  • December 2020 — IDEX Staking
  • January 2021 — UI update; Wallet Connect & Trust Wallet support
  • February 2021 — IDEX BSC Launch
  • March 2021 — IDEX token BSC and BSC staking support
  • April 2021 — Trading competitions; Hummingbot Connector
  • And a whole host of other minor features!

At the same time we’ve been continuing in the background with a few key major…

WeOwn ($wCHX) is officially listed on IDEX. As of today, IDEX customers can buy, sell, and trade $wCHX safely and securely on the IDEX exchange. Here’s more from the team:


WeOwn is an alternative business funding platform, giving SMEs better access to capital, so company leaders can focus on growing their business — not securing finance.

We’ve built an online financial marketplace with a quick, simple sign-up process and choice of business funding options, including peer-to-peer loans and equity raises. Our model is straightforward and liquid, with less fuss, lower fees and fewer middlemen than traditional methods.

Our technology-driven…

In early 2019, IDEX went live with the first iteration of its staking network. Stakers lock their tokens in a dedicated address and run the IDEXD staking program, which helps operate the infrastructure of the IDEX exchange. Stakers earn 25% of the trade fees from IDEX (in ETH) for their role in helping run the platform.

This first iteration of staking has been a huge success with over 675 total users staking throughout the span of the program. Up to 55% of the circulating supply of IDEX tokens has been staked with the current amount sitting at 52% of the…

This post was originally published on Medium by our CEO, Alex Wearn.

Last week we announced that IDEX has begun blocking access to NY IP addresses. I want to apologize for releasing this information via a tweet without much additional context. On the plus side, the response has given our team insight into what the broader community cares about most, and what topics to address in the following post.


  • Decentralization exists on a spectrum, and unless your system or application lacks any centralized parts it can be subject to regulation
  • Aurora is working to create a fully-decentralized financial system, but…

ntroducing IDEX v3 Hybrid Liquidity — The Solution to DeFi’s Failed Trades, Slippage, & Front-Running

Idex curve and logo animation.gif

We’re excited to announce IDEX v3 Hybrid Liquidity (IDEX HL), the next generation of DEX that combines an order book and trading engine with liquidity pools of an automated market maker (AMM). This novel design protects users from the most glaring pitfalls of AMMs, including failed trades and front-running, by instantly executing trades against the best combination of limit orders and pooled liquidity. IDEX HL generates higher returns for liquidity providers while also allowing for more advanced trades like stop-loss and limit orders.

Successes and Failures of AMMs

AMM DEXs have grown dramatically in popularity over the past year and…

Recently crypto traders have shown a lot of enthusiasm for decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The enthusiasm is warranted. We’re starting to see the fruits of many years of hard work pay off with DEX trading volume and usage increasing every day.

In spite of this growth, 98% of crypto trading still takes place on centralized exchanges. DEXs offer a clear set of benefits in terms of fund security, flexible custody, and transparency, so why is it that the majority of the market still shuns them in favor of centralized alternatives? At IDEX we think we know the answer, and we’ve spent…

A escola espera atingir 3,5 milhões de alunos no Brasil e acredita que também alcançará outros países onde residam brasileiros

Por MH

Publicado às 23h00 de 18/03/2020 — Atualizado às 23h03 de 18/03/2020

A Boom Invest Business School lança nesta quinta-feira sua nova plataforma de conteúdos de educação financeira em libras para o público de pessoas surdas, e em braile para comunidade de cegos em todo Brasil. A escola será a primeira instituição de educação financeira do país a oferecer gratuitamente uma diversidade de cursos de mercado financeiro para esses grupos de pessoas, além de todo material didático necessário para aprendizagem. Trata-se de uma oportunidade para que essas duas comunidades tenham acesso a um material didático e adaptado

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