Why I moved from Java to Dart
David Morgan

I totally with the premise here almost completely. Dart cleans up Java syntax a lot, and is much more fun to use. It also is a better python as well. The kicker though is that Dart’s concurrency story while attractive, is lacking. I can’t move away from Java because there is no ScheduledExecutorService for example in Dart, its too dumbed down to be useful server-side. You end up sprinkling async/awaits everywhere which isn’t pretty, when it would be simpler to simply be running on your own thread.

GWT/Flutter at opposite ends of the spectrum, both have awesome programming models, one from the Smalltalk world and the other from the functional world. Angular on the other hand is another language tacked on that diminishes the Dart slickness.

Flutter is an absolute gem, both in language and in framework. I hope this is the direction that Google and the industry as a whole move toward for all UI development, and hopefully add concurrency so that Dart can thrive on the server.