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So they’ve pulled the plug on your local developer conference. The official announcement has been made, your tickets have been refunded, and the ultimate clincher — you’ve deleted the email auto-respond that said, “Sorry, I’m out of office meeting interesting people and breathing in new, exciting ideas. May not respond to emails.”

This is what happened to us at Crema, but we decided to take it as an opportunity — we threw our own internal dev conference remotely: Crema DevConf 2020! Our culture values continuous learning and keeping up with the industry, so once the idea was brought to the table, it was a no-brainer. …

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This guy uses custom hooks (Photo by NOAA on Unsplash)

It’s simple to get started using React hooks in your functional components, but understanding them at a deeper level is very important to being able to use them correctly. Their apparent simplicity hides the fact that they can be hard to reason about. Despite these misgivings, I am a big fan of hooks. I have been adopting them for a few months and have enjoyed the simplicity and reusability they can bring to a React codebase.

React hooks can seem like magic at first. Of course, the perception of “magic” is inversely proportional to one’s level of understanding. …

photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

or, can a developer really have it all?

Let me paint a quick picture for you: from where I’m sitting, I can see two developers crouched over laptops spending their day learning about GraphQL; a couple people scattered around the office are working on a data model and API for a new analytics tool they dreamed up; someone on the other side of the building is working his way through a book about Google’s TensorFlow, … the list could go on, but you get the idea.

I’m not trying to flaunt how cool my workplace is (well… okay, maybe just a smidge), but to illustrate that the people I work with at Crema tend to like trying out new things. New tools, new process ideas, new technologies — it seems like every day someone is bringing in a new way of doing things. …

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