Joel Brown
Feb 28 · 1 min read

I must admit that I am one of these people who will often look at the net worth of important idividuals. It was much more in the past though, as I have come to realise that net worth is not always a great measure of the person.

While I knew that the net worth was the sum of the assets. I had never considered the liabilities aspect and wonder how much that is taken into account when the net worth of celebrities is calculated. I would imagine that a lot of celebrities do not have quite the cash assets we believe and much more of it is tied up in paper assets and potential income. Which I imagine would lead to a lot of debt and/or financing to acquire many of the things they buy. Because while the assets are often easy to publically identify, the debt people hold is much more personal and rarely talked about publically until they are filing for bankrupcy.

Joel Brown

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Creator of Travel Explored — Topics I enjoy are Travel, Walking, Photography, Motivation, Business and Inspiration.

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