Your Language, Creates Your Experience

What you tell yourself when you are by yourself is essential to how you live your life.

Joel Brown
Nov 2, 2019 · 3 min read

Throughout your life, if there is one thing that you strive to understand it is what you tell yourself when you are by yourself.

The language that you use in the many moments when you are conversing with yourself is what will guide your life. With just the words in your mind, you can create total freedom or imprisonment. One situation can be the best or worst thing that ever happened with your words.

Listen To Your Mind

The thoughts and conversations we have in our mind are all trying to tell us something. All too often we are to busy or trying to move on to quickly to hear and understand what is happening.

If you can give yourself time to listen to your mind and understand the conversation that is happening you can ultimately change how you react.

Identify the language

When you slow down and pay attention to the conversations in your mind you can start to identify the language being used. The key words that you need to identify are ones that have a positive or negative reaction.

These positive or negative words will often occur around the personal pronoun, I.

I can’t do that. I am not good enough. I am incapable.

Conversing with yourself using these terms essentially can create a situation that your mind causes to become true. You might think that is not what I want. But that is what you are telling yourself, and you are not giving yourself any alternative.

Change The Language

Sitting with yourself and identifying the language that you are using gives you the opportunity to change the language.

I can’t do that. Becomes. I can do that.

I am not good enough. Becomes. I am good enough.

I am incapable. Becomes. I am capable.

In each case, a negative statement becomes a positive statement with a very small change in language.

Change Is Never Easy

Being able to change this language in the conversations in your mind is not going to be easy. There is rarely anything that is worthwhile pursuing that is ever easy.

The more often you can take some time and listen to your mind. The more often you will be able to identify the language that you are using. When you notice that you are using the negative language you need to stop yourself and change the conversation.

Stop yourself mind sentence and inject “No that is wrong” followed by the positive alternative.

I can’t do that. No that is wrong! I can do that.

I am not good enough. No that is wrong! I am good enough.

I am incapable. No that is wrong! I am capable.

Over time as you identify the poor choice of language and take steps to correct it, you will likely find yourself choosing the poor language less often.

Have Better Conversation With Yourself

I encourage you to take the time and identify how you can improve the conversations you have with yourself. It is something that might be the difference between a life and living.

Joel Brown

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Creator of Travel Explored — Topics I enjoy are Travel, Walking, Photography, Motivation, Business and Inspiration.

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