The first time I heard the words, they were spoken by the photographer Chase Jarvis. “The best camera is the one you have with you,” he said. He even published a book by the same title. It’s entirely populated with photos taken over the course of a year with his…

The sloppy art of perseverance

Photo by Samuel Castro on Unsplash

The notion of helping somebody else or defending others who can’t defend themselves is one that I have always been able to readily align myself with. However, I was once challenged that the the fight for one’s own heart… for their own authentic self, is the real fight of their…

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

Recently, I’ve been thinking about an older couple who would visit a coffee shop I used to work at many years ago. For a while, they would come in fairly regularly, about every other week. The gentleman was especially conspicuous to me because of his demeanor; This guy was always…


Photographer, Creative Professional

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