Hi Jessica:
Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA

The Gender Diversity Groundswell and Trickle Up Selection

Brian, interesting observation on the freedom of the ruling class of the venture capital community to repeatedly express these apparently sexist opinions. Happy to see a VC chiming in on the right side of this issue!

To be sure, these titans of the industry seem to enjoy immunity due to their position holding the reins of capital and influence. As you say, what entrepreneur wants to risk future funding prospects, or what other venture capitalist wants to risk access to co-invest?

Well, it seems there are more and more of us, from across the spectrum of the tech community, who are not willing to accept such a status quo. It’s impossible to ignore the rising voices calling for progress and true equality, and encouragingly, they are coming from all corners.

Regarding market power… all it takes is the character to say no to partners who don’t share our values. LPs will get their money into the market, venture capitalists will continue to find great deals, and companies will find the investments they need.

There are no too-big-to-fail firms in Silicon Valley, and there is no room in our community for sexism.

I wonder what, if any, real backlash would actually occur, though. Other than the curious blocking activities of Marc Andreesen, I haven’t seen anything to suggest that any investors are maliciously hindering the progress of any individuals or companies for speaking out on behalf of gender equality, even when that equates to pointed criticism. But such a thing would also be nigh impossible to observe from an external perspective.

We all continue to work together toward equality and it will come, and we can force the market to adjust until there is no room left for discrimination, and the price of exclusion becomes to high for any firm to bear.

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