How I Make $3,500 a Month From My Instagram Account
Eduardo Morales

Eduardo! It’s obvious from the other responses that this is an incredibly helpful resource, but I wanted to thank you as well. It’s so helpful when people share their success stories, especially in such detail. I noticed that you have since expanded into pottery and macrame. When did you start working on these accounts? How “niche” were they at the time of starting? How did you differentiate?

I am interested in starting something like this, but wonder if everything is saturated by now. I’m brainstorming niches and interests (a) that are not being served, or (b) where I can meaningfully differentiate.

Thanks so much for your advice and insight. It’s really helpful and I appreciate it so much.

Wish you all the best, and continued success! I used to collect pins from Disney World, which motivated me to explore other pins — I love the feed!