I’m here to stay

The anxiety is dying off and I am winning this battle against fear. When I got to bootcamp, I was anxious and afraid because a lot of things were new to me. I felt I won’t be able to keep up but the direct opposite is what has been happening.

After the First Day (Day 0) and the lecture on growth mentality, I told myself I was going to keep having that growth mentality. There has been a lot of research, sleepless nights, and learning. In these few days, I’ve been able to learn things I wouldn’t have learnt on my own in weeks. Talk about fast learning.

Today being Home Sessions Day 2 of bootcamp, I’m having fun completing my tasks. We were tasked to create a command line application that consumes a public API. Initially I was bothered because I’ve never built a command line application before and I don’t know how to build one or what’s needed to build one. I asked questions, went on the internet to do some research. Watched a lot of videos on youtube, read articles from different sources and finally I completed the task.

The API I chose actually made it fun. It’s a JSON API for witty Chuck Norris jokes. Every time my console outputs a joke, I laugh even though there are some errors. This made the process less tense for me. I’ll say I’m settling in and I’m here to stay.