For sometime now, we’ve made it a habit to run at least one survey every last week of the month. This practice has helped in shaping almost every thing we do at myPadi.ng.

Our survey for October was borrowed from the “Hacking Growth” book by Sean Ellis and Morgan. …

Despite increase in tuition fees and loss of jobs, there are more young persons pursuing higher education now than ever. According to UNESCO, there are over 100M young adults within the ages of 18 to 22 years studying a course or another in Polytechnics, Universities, and Colleges Of Education across Africa (15M in Nigeria)

With this increasing college population comes heavy pressure on the already dilapidated on-campus accommodation that can house only about 20% — 30% of students.

Without mincing of words, if you agree with the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria that there’s a housing deficit estimated between 17–20 million, you will do well to agree that student housing makes a very large amount of that deficit. …

It is no news that myPadi.ng is changing the narrative of how over 16 million students find accommodation in Nigeria.

A hyper-local platform that had a few rooms in one school has now grown to become the largest student hostel booking service in Nigeria in just 12 months of operation with database of over 5,000 rooms in more than 60 schools successfully meeting the needs of hundreds of students faced with the dearth of often overcrowded on-campus bed spaces.

This is no doubt a big problem that requires an A-Team to solve.

As we begin to own the student space and become Africa’s Big Data player and Marketplace for Students, we’re hiring smart and resilient people in the following capacities who are ready to join us in making school stress-free in Africa starting with housing. …


Joel Amawhe

A lad from Ozoro, Nigeria who’s changing how students find hostels and roommates with myPadi.ng