PR Pros deserve better software

When people reference PR software, they often talk about tools for measurement and determining ROI. These tools are important to justify budgets, but do they make you better at your job?

And then there’s software for managing social media. These tools can be pretty slick (I love Hootsuite and Buffer), but only help with one component of the job.

Lastly, there’s media database software. Which, let’s be honest, is not software all. It’s just a database with a search function and it sucks.

What’s missing from this equation is software that helps with streamline and improve pitching reporters. Let’s be honest, pitching is often the most painful and dreaded part of your job. It’s also the most important. If you don’t pitch well, you don’t get coverage and we’re in a results-based business.

Unfortunately, many of us are still pitching from our Outlook or Gmail accounts and tracking outreach in Excel spreadsheets. It’s hard to keep track of outreach (especially on a story level) and it’s a huge pain to keep the Excel sheets up to date. Maybe you have migrated to a CRM or use MailChimp, but these are tools for sales and marketing and don’t really account for the media relations workflow.

That’s why we built PressFriendly. Pitching isn’t going away. Considering there are now 4.6 PR people for every reporter, pitching is becoming more competitive. At PressFriendly, we’re committed to helping you pitch and helping you succeed in getting coverage.

Here are our pledges to you.

  1. PressFriendly will make it easier for you to pitch responsibly by allowing you to quickly and easily send customized pitches.
  2. We will allow you to track your outreach and automate follow-up.
  3. We will provide you with smarter media lists to make your pitching more effective.
  4. We will provide you with the tools to work with colleagues and clients in a simple and collaborative manner.

Here’s how we do it:

We’re an email client

We enable you to pitch to media lists from your own email account and we help you track those pitches to evaluate their effectiveness.

The PressFriendly pitch dashboard allows you to have all the automation of a mail merge with all the customization of a personal email. Instead of spending hours to get a pitch out, you can do so in a manner of minutes. And yeah, you can schedule your pitches to be sent exactly when you want them to go out. Even if that’s when you’re on a plane or at your daughter’s dance recital.

Open Tracking and Reminders

We track which emails have been opened by reporters and when. We know it’s confusing to keep current on all the people you’ve pitched, so we help keep track of where someone is in the process. Have you pitched them yet? Do they need a follow-up? Have they committed to writing the story?

Smart Media Lists and Reporter Profiles

PressFriendly builds media lists so that you don’t have to. Simply upload your press announcement and we use machine learning to find the reporters who are a best match.

Once we create a media list (it takes 5 minutes), we give you the tools to track your relationships with the reporters. You can also upload your existing media lists.

See the full email history with the reporters on your media list. Read their recent articles and check out their tweets. All the information you need while you’re pitching is available at your fingertips.

Working as a team

Working collaboratively is a fact of life in PR. Even if you’re a solo pro, you work with multiple clients and teams and need to provide status updates on pitching. If you’re in an agency, you’re not only sharing updates, but also splitting media lists and pitching responsibilities.

PressFriendly makes status updates easy. Quickly share the status of your outreach and share notes on the feedback you’ve received from reporters. Once you have a media list, you can assign it to multiple members of your team and track the progress.

So now’s the time to ditch pitching via Outlook or Gmail. Check out PressFriendly and see how we can help make pitching easier. We’re just getting started, so let us know how we can help make your job even easier.