Spend 5 minutes to add your elected officials to your phone contacts — and call them!

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Nov 18, 2016 · 3 min read

The election of Donald Trump is terrifying, and as we watch him build his team our fears are being confirmed. But even though the voting is over, we still have a voice in our government.

On Tuesday former congressional staffer Emily Ellsworth talked about one of the most effective ways to reach your elected representatives — by phone.

You can read all of Emily’s thread on Twitter. She drives home that when a lot of people call about an issue it really gets the attention of the entire office and the representative themselves.

So to make this a habit, lets add these offices to our phone contacts. It is very, very easy to add your Representatives and Senators to your contacts.

You can also add:


Note that for the past few days McConnell’s and Ryan’s numbers go to a full mailbox. Hopefully that’s temporary?

Anyway, once you do this you can easily contact them. Whenever there is a bill in Congress you support or oppose, or you have some other opinion about what our Federal Government is doing — call all of your elected officials and speak your mind! Even if a particular elected official is on your side of the issue you should call to express your support for them — you’d better believe the other side is making calls too!

As far as what to say when you call and how the call will work, follow this helpful advice from The Leadership Conference (civilrights.org):

It is important to let them know why you are calling and what issue you are calling about. You will sometimes be able to speak directly to your senator or representative, but more often you will speak to a staff person in the member’s office. This person keeps track of how many people called and their positions on issues, and provides a summary to the member. Be assured that your call does count, even if you are not able to speak directly to your senator or representative.

It is usually most effective to call your own senators and representatives, as each is primarily concerned with residents from his or her district. However, you may occasionally find it useful to call other members, if they are on a certain committee or in a particular position to help get a bill passed.

So take a few minutes today and add these contacts to your phone. Then call them regularly.

As a practice, you can call right now to voice opposition to Trump’s selections of Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn to be part of his governing team.

Calling your elected officials is only one of many things we should be doing to get involved in shaping the direction our country is taking and protecting the progress we’ve made. We have to do it all — call them, protest, attend town halls, organize, donate, and join organizations opposed to the Donald Trump agenda.

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