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Why is this website known as “ThinkProgress” when its reporting is about the equivalent of a supermarket tabloid? That’s not journalism, and as someone who works in publishing and journalism, I find it very distasteful.

Trump is paying a lot of his expenses, and those trips to Mar-a-Logo mostly had to do with official business. For example, meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. Abe is also a golfer, so it made sense. Additionally, he was meeting with military personnel out in Florida.

So how can you encourage progress if what you share here is the antithesis of what is actually happening? True journalism is more along the lines of professional writing and involves sharing life truthfully as we see it, so that others can view life similarly. I would suggest that the person who wrote this either switch to objective writing or get into an area where you can just make up stuff as you go because it’s more for entertainment rather than fact reporting.

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