“Ain’t that some shit…”

My reading was interrupted by a message from your sponsor…

Seriously — I was really immersed reading a story on beautiful UX as drivers of disruptive Fintech Innovation and realized that I had become engaged in a talent search.

I was on thenextweb.com and clicked on cover story about UX and Fintech: Examples of Fine Art in Fintech and loved it, well written in a self-evident and compelling manner — I read every word. Didn’t skim anywhere.

The author really went out of their way to cite some of the most beautiful and successful disruptive examples of UX in the Fintech industry. I am a seasoned designer with and a passion for fine art, it was a lovely way to start my Sunday morning with an awesome cup of hot coffee.

The next thing I remember — was reading a job description in Dutch for a UX teamlead in Amsterdam and asking myself: “how did I get here?”.


I’ve been living ‘down south’ for over 3 decades and all I could think was: “Ain’t that some shit!”.

I had been lured into a well designed and perfectly set trap of strategy and objectives. I got goo all over my face — I got sniped and now converted to becoming just another integer of inbound analytics.

At the bottom of the article the author credit is to guy named “Hi! Cecil Kleine), and I then understood — I realized that this was part of an entire series of content stories called: “Reinventing the World of Banking”. It was created for a bank in Holland called ABN AMRO and designed to attract talent to their org.

I mean kudos to the folks that thought of this sticky, gooey, creamy, chewy web trap — it worked, give it a “10” @TheNextWeb, but between you and me, there is some seriously big shit going on in Fintech...

Here is how it happened… follow the dotted line. “Expert talk: Innovating starts with the right mindset.”