Over the past 10–15 years, since the Piedmont Triad lost its textile and furniture backbone and 90,000 jobs with it, my hometown of Greensboro has struggled to regain its self-esteem. Now, I believe our community has finally discovered and embraced it’s truest and authentic self.

Greensboro is a creative and intellectual community, a city of makers, a collection of races and cultures who understand the importance of center city development and public space, are beginning to support entrepreneurship and innovation at every level, and embrace the collaborative instincts and sense of justice that have emerged from our Quaker heritage.

When I started my own community development and public relations firm two-and-a-half years ago, I had no idea how thrilling and fulfilling it would be. And I am honored this year to join together with Joel Bennett and Monica Doss in order to extend our firm’s capacity to drive forward North Carolina’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This is a great time for my hometown of Greensboro, NC. We are in fact becoming a “new city.” Just in time for New City Ventures to begin its work.

-April Harris


It was a simple choice to join April and Monica as a partner in New City Ventures.

Monica Doss, the legendary iconoclast, brought the three of us together in 2013. She introduced me to April Harris, the founder of New City Ventures. Collectively we bring creative, experienced and operational focus to projects that do not wash away. I say that proudly, not as an egocentric view but as a matter of fact.

We have demonstrated true value and market fit, as we worked together and delivered some of the most impactful and successful programs in the region. Inventors Liftoff, Triad Startup Lab, Capital Connects, New Ventures Accelerator and the Idea Institute’s Unconference. Having lived here for 35 years, it is wonderful to see and be part of a convergence of so many new ideas that are forging a new identity in the Triad.

As we move forward into the innovation stage, I see the three of us building an organization focused on growth, prosperity and the delivery of excellent programs.

-Joel Bennett



Originally published at Track 111.

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