In this post we are going to create small example for a notification service and how we might use a Proxy to create an interesting API for triggering messages in your application. If you haven’t had a chance to work with javascript’s Proxy object yet, I recommend you check it out! It acts as a trap for calls to another object, allowing you to decide how it handles access to the that object. Very cool!

The scope of the example below is very small, but if you want to see a real implementation, you can view this repository I just…

If you’ve ever used vh units to size a layout element and previewed that layout in a mobile browser, you’ll quickly find a fun little quirk that’s quite annoying.

As soon as the user starts to scroll, the navigation bar is removed and the height of the viewport is now larger than it once was, and that means all of your elements sized with vh are now adjusting to this new reality. Fun, right?

I often use the vh unit when designing the first element on a mobile page to either be full screen, or slightly less than full screen…

After working on several large Vue projects, one thing that started to annoy me was the need to import common sass variables and mixins on every component:

I thought to myself: there has to be a better way! I wanted to remove the need for relative imports and also auto-import my global sass tools into every Vue component. After a little research, I found the solution!

Let’s assume a default Vue project using the webpack template, with a similar file structure:

If you’ve been using Laravel Passport for authentication on a single page application (such as Vue.js), then you probably made the same mistake I did: I placed my client_id and client_secret for a password grant directly in the code of my frontend application.

Naturally I was tipped off by the “secret” in client_secret that I may be doing something wrong, but I rationalized that the secret was useless if they also didn’t have an existing username and password to log in with. Plus it was the most straightforward to get the feature done.

But after finally digging into some research…

Joel Brubaker

I’m a software engineer in San Diego, CA

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