My Vote for Oregon Governor 2018

On Considering Knute

I voted tonight, and I enthusiastically voted for Kate Brown as Oregon’s Governer. I have knocked on doors for her and done other work to support her. It felt good to put my actual vote down for her. I think you should, too.

I know that considering candidates is not as straightforward as the average campaign ad makes it look. I hope my thought process below is helpful in your consideration.

I will be honest. I had a moment where I considered Knute. I despise hegemony in politics and I yearn for the Oregon Republican Party of my childhood that worked across the aisle, promoted environmental and agrarian policies, and was made up of fiercely independent individuals. Also, I am from Central Oregon and want Eastern Oregon voices to be heard.

But Knute is bullshit. He is a designed candidate with messaging for moderates but proposed policies that are regressive and plain dumb. He is a product of the current dumbshit Oregon Republican Party and $30 million of dark money from Koch Brothers and other out of state folks just trying to turn any governorship red that they can.

Knute is a story they are telling you

Don’t believe me? How about when Project Veritas faux-secret recorded a disgruntled former Kate Brown associate in Texas and then the Oregon GOP filed an ethics inquiry on that basis? They are working in concert: unethical Oregon GOP that manipulates the Eastern Oregon voter for power and out of state monied people who know that enough money can sow confusion and turn votes.

Kate is into it

I really wondered if Kate was an enthusiastic governor, if her heart was in it. In talking with people who know her and thinking through the last few years, I realize that she is just the kind of governor we need. We are blessed to have a governor who is

  • Collaborative
  • Informed
  • Moderate
  • Gets shit done

As for the idea of balancing out the parties, now is sadly not the time.

In a world where Trump is using the Republican party as a muscle to break down our nation’s structures, I don’t trust any Republican in any position. I know that sounds shitty, but look at Jeff Flake. He can not function in his own party and be in opposition to Trump. Counter that with our big tent Democratic party. We are effectively bringing multiple voices together, even those that deeply disagree, and moving forward.