I want to complain, but I can’t.

Dear programming world,

I’m currently learning how to program and build upon my skills to be employable. I’m watching youtube videos, playing with Xcode, and reading Swift documentation. It is really fun, and I even built my first toy app for my wife.

It’s fun to read articles about why they hate Object Oriented Programming and why they are excited Protocol Oriented Programming. I think Xcode is really sleek and makes it fun to learn Swift. Learning the differences between Enums, Structs, and Classes within Swift is really interesting to see how programmers tried to solve problems of the past. Optionals are really cool too. It does make a lot of sense to have optionals. Xcode is really fun for beginners like me to play around and magically compiles my code every time I make a change, so I can see if I made any errors. It’s all so exciting!

When I google/quora questions, half of people’s comments are complaining and crapping on paradigms and tools. It sounds strange, but I really wish I can complain. I look forward to learning and creating enough that I can earn my stripes to complain about every little thing, but for now, I will sit here in my favorite corner in my favorite coffee shop and learn and appreciate the fact that we as programmers (I can at least put myself in that group) can stand on the shoulders of giants. I’ll also appreciate the amazing free resources and tools that are available to people to learn how to solve problems and build incredible applications.

I really do look forward to having stupid debates about spaces vs tabs or if OOP is dead. It sounds so fun and meaningless.