You Need to Stop Thinking and Start Doing (and actually finish what you start)

This post is for the people out there that are thinking about learning to code, or have been trying for a few weeks without much success. I am only a few months ahead of you, and I wish someone had told this to me when I first started my journey.

When people start off to learn how to code, there are common questions/fears that they struggle with: “What if the resource I am using to learn isn’t the best one?”, “What if I am learning the wrong language?”, “ What if I am just not smart enough?”, “What if I don’t know how to incorporate quotes or colons correctly in a paragraph?”, “Is Rails dead?”, “Do I need to learn Full-Stack JavaScript because it seems like the whole world is?”. These are all healthy questions to initially ask yourself before you pick from the plethora of resources online on learning how to code. But if you stay in this stage forever, you will waste your time and eventually give up. I was stuck in this stage for too long. I played with Codecademy, but I don’t think I ever finished a single course. I then started OneMonthRails, but I never finished. I started cs50x, but I never finished. I started at least 3 courses(one of them I actually paid for) on Udemy, but I never finished. I started FreeCodeCamp, but I never finished (I think I get a free pass on this one because no one has actually finished their material. I don’t even think they are finished with making the backend certificate). Anyway, my point is that I jumped around way too much, but I never finished. I didn’t have a sense of direction. I just started stuff, and when things got frustrating, I just googled/quora-ed/reddited for people’s opinions about THE course to take for beginners or THE first language to learn. I think I loved the idea of becoming a coder more than the coding itself. I didn’t have a sense of direction. I wasted way too much time allowing random people’s opinions to sway my learning process. Where am I going with this? I don’t know, but I will start the next paragraph.

The point I am trying to make is that the internet has a million resources to teach you how to code, but a billion more opinions on how to learn it. Do your research, but don’t waste your time on the research part. If you read great things on a course/bootcamp that seems legit, sign up and freaking do it! Do not obsess over the negative reviews. Reviews are biased. You will never find a resource out there that has 100% customer satisfaction. Stop googling other alternatives and wasting time instead of struggling through the actual process of coding and fixing bugs. I promise you, if you don’t commit now to something and finish it, you will never take the next step. You will get stuck in the world og reading people’s opinions/blogs about how you should learn instead of actually learning. And then you will give up and hate yourself for giving up.

Today, spend maybe 20–30 minutes and find a book/course/bootcamp and actually commit to finishing it. There is nothing else better for your learning than to JUST DO IT. Brought to you by Nike, the unofficial sponsor of this blog post.

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