Everything You Need to Know About the Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion Sale

Joel Comm
4 min readJan 19, 2022

The word is out and the entire WAX NFT community is abuzz about Friday’s Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion launch!

The world’s BIGGEST NFT collaboration in history has not only our community excited, but also the communities of the forty (40) partners who will be releasing EXCLUSIVE Retro Rebellion-themed NFTs in Unity Packs.

But before we go into details about the upcoming launch, you should know that the window is closing on TWO upgrade activities which have been active from the First Strike release.

Upgrade Your First Strike Heroes!

You have until Friday morning at 9 am EST to upgrade your Blockchain Heroes: First Strike cards. Take FIVE of any heroes or villains in a single rarity and upgrade them to receive one NEW random Hero or Villain of the next higher rarity. This is a great opportunity to burn duplicates to get a rarer card! Click here to Upgrade now.

Get Your Collector’s Edition Cards!

You also have until Friday morning at 9 am EST to claim your Collector’s Edition Blockchain Heroes: First Strike cards. Burn a complete set of either 20 heroes or 20 villains in the same rarity and get an exclusive Collector’s Edition card. There are a limited number of opportunities to do this for each of the 10 available cards and the window closes forever soon! Click here to Get Collector’s Edition cards now.

Everything You Need to Know…

There are many questions about this massive release, so we have put together a Medium post that provides details on the limited pack sale, the contents of packs, the odds of rarities dropping, and initial activities on the roadmap. Click here to read the release post.

Unity Pack Partner Reveals!

Many have attempted collaborative releases, but none are bigger or more impactful than the Unity Pack collaboration for Blockchain Heroes: Retro Rebellion.

We believe that we are ALL in the fight against the Evil Centralizers TOGETHER, and we are pleased to welcome 40 other WAX partners who have created EXCLUSIVE NEW NFTs that will appear ONLY in Retro Rebellion Unity Packs.

Every Retro Rebellion Hero Pack has a 50% chance to drop a 2-card Unity Pack, which can contain NFTs from ANY of the partner collections.

Every Retro Rebellion Titan Pack has 100% chance to drop ONE 2-card Unity Pack, and then then FOUR more 50% chances to drop additional Unity Packs. That means it’s possible to get FIVE Unity Packs from a Titan Pack!

Here is a list of all the WAX partners who are releasing one or more EXCLUSIVE NFTs in Unity Packs:

  • Yoshi Drops
  • Colonize Mars
  • Graffiti Kings
  • Starcards
  • R2 Collectibles
  • Galaktica
  • Kenn Bosak
  • NFT Storycards
  • Dark Galaxies
  • GNO City
  • Bad Days
  • Art by Alex
  • Corporate World
  • Dropbears
  • NeftyBlocks
  • ImposterPunks
  • Stoney Baloney
  • Cryptostache
  • Waxel Ninjas
  • Dr Zammsy
  • HODL God
  • CryptoChibis
  • Creek Drops
  • SNKR Wars
  • Secret Saviours
  • Exit Limbo
  • Any Observation
  • Splinterlands
  • Draco Dice
  • Starship
  • WAX.guide
  • Senor Lupe
  • TIDByts
  • Gen-E
  • WAX Paper Fold
  • Realm NFT
  • Novopangea
  • Yazing
  • Traveler’s Cards
  • xthingscards

To discover what NFTs are being released from each collection, please visit the official community telegram or discord for each respective collection.

Last Hero Report Before Launch!

Every previous Blockchain Heroes release has sold out, so we are providing plenty of packs and opportunity for everyone to participate.

We will have one final Hero Report community meeting before Friday’s release. It will take place Wednesday evening at 7 pm EST.

To get the NEW link to this meeting, you MUST be a member of our discord. To join now go to http://discord.gg/herohq

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday night, and to surprising and delighting you with the most expansive and impressive Blockchain Heroes series yet!



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