The Blockchain Heroes Get ENERGIZED!

Joel Comm
2 min readMar 30, 2023


A dozen alternate realities clash to bring you animated amalgamations of what might have been — Blockchain Heroes from parallel dimensions! Discover AI-infused versions of the diverse characters you know and love, complete with new outfits, weaponry, and more. This collection of 37 classic characters was developed using unique AI prompts, energizing each with new possibilities. These one-card packs are available by burning Blockchain Heroes assets.

The event is free for Blockchain Heroes collectors and begins April 4, 2023 at 12 noon EST and continues until all 2000 packs are claimed, or until advance notice of final burn is provided. The activity will take place on NeftyBlocks on the Blockchain Heroes page.

There are 36 Heroes + an Energized Genesis 1/1 in the set.

Burn ANY 20 Blockchain Heroes NFTs to get a new 1-card Energize Pack!

When you go to the blend page, you will see ALL your Blockchain Heroes NFTs available to burn.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN RARE ITEMS OR PACKS! You can manually select the 20 NFTs you wish to burn. We recommend burning common or promotional NFTs. If you burn something you don’t intend to burn, there is no getting it back.

The following table shows the total number of mints for each Energized character along with their rarity.

Common — 160 each

Gadget Dan, Knight Errant, Grand Auditor, J-Wreck, Kickflip Omega, Robbing Hood

Uncommon — 80 each

Amp & Subwoofer, Chaos Theory, Data Avenger, Degen Dino, Ginger Girl, Overseer, Admiral Banks

Rare — 40 each

Arbiter Prime, Plux, Rez’Phede, Soothe ‘n Sayer, Richard Stahlschild, Stampede, Warring Lizard

Epic — 20 each

Atomic Adam, Comrade Misha, Doc, Magic Man, Master Control, Metalike

Legendary — 10 each

Dogeberus, Etherbeast, Gridmaster, Lord Grimm, The Prophet

Mythic — 5 each

Bitcoin Bro, Elon Dusk, Encryptkeeper, Renegade, The Wizard


The burn will take place on NeftyBlocks at

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