Provisioning an iOS Device in Xcode 7

Until yesterday, I was under the impression you needed to enroll as a paid member in the Apple Developer Program in order to provision an actual iOS device for testing an app. As it turns out, not so! In Xcode 7 you have the ability to provision a device in just a couple of minutes for free. The process is fairly simple but since everyone loves step-by-step instructions (including me), here you go.


With your project open in Xcode, plug in the iOS device into your computer you want to use for testing.


In the top left of the Xcode toolbar, click on the “Set the active scheme” section to select the device you plugged in.


After selecting your device, attempt to run the app in Xcode. An error notification will follow indicating no provisioning profiles were found. Click on “Fix Issue” to continue.


If you have never added your Apple ID to your accounts in Xcode, you will be prompted to do so. Please note an Apple ID is necessary to complete the process.


Once your Apple ID is added to your accounts in Xcode, you can select yourself as the development team for provisioning.

Xcode will copy the app to your phone and continue the process to start launching the app from the provisioned device. However, more error notifications will attempt to stand in your way. Disregard the errors and move your focus over to the device.


Unlock your device, head to your device settings, and help your device deal with its trust issues.

At this point the app should be on your device and it should launch on the device without issue! Hooray!

Lastly, you can manage provisioning profiles under your account in Xcode system preferences. Note that a profile is made for each project therefore your provisioned device will not persist across projects. Now test, test, test!

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