Lord, I can’t…

Joel Arrington
2 min readJan 1


The Book of Jeremiah - The Abide Bible

Even after 25 years of serving God in different types of ministry assignments, I still sit here thinking, “Lord, I can’t.” I can’t because I don’t have a graduate degree. I can’t because I haven’t been where this hurting person is at right now. I can’t because I still struggle in area’s of my own faith. Lord, I just can’t!

2023 snuck in overnight and I am up bright and early beginning my routines for the next 12 weeks of it. A new 12 week year brings with it new books of the bible to dive into. Today I began a journey in the book of Jeremiah. This book is the second longest book of the bible and is not necessarily the easiest to read. That being said, I have charted my course and we are on our way. I say “we” in hopes that you we will find some shared benefit as we travel along.

“Lord, I can’t…” is the first thing out of the prophet Jeremiahs mouth in Jeremiah 1: 4–10. As God was calling him in a similar way He had called Isaiah, Jeremiah had some serious doubts about the assignment and his own qualifications. Listing things like the lack of eloquent speaking and youthful inexperience, Jeremiah tried to “thanks but no thanks” God into finding someone “more qualified”. However, God would have His way and Jeremiah would not only be called, his tongue would literally be touched by the hand of God. In addition, God promised that He would be with Jeremiah, even when the people rise up against him because of God’s message. Jeremiah could be bold in his assignment knowing that is was God who equipped him and would continue to be on Jeremiah’s side.

Is God calling you to do something for Him similar to Jeremiah? How have you answered? Have you responded, “Lord, I can’t…”? Just as I have been encouraged by the opening passage of Jeremiah, I hope that you are too. Be bold in sharing your faith to that friend, neighbor, or colleague. Step out in faith by doing or giving what God is calling you to do or give. Minister to that need that God had shown you despite your ability, experience, education, or human qualification. Let God’s anointing and promise to be with you spur you on to the great work He has for you.