Joel Devidal is a seasoned businessman with over 30 years of experience working in Asia primarily operating in the online marketing and retail spaces. From e-commerce to SaaS applications, Joel’s experience taught him to understand how to maximize profits in the space and help good ideas grow into successful businesses.

Joel enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge for his career with others. He serves as an advisor and board member to companies, helping them create bright futures through decisions around strategy, marketing, and development. His intuition and experience helps these organizations eliminate excessive operational costs while still delivering quality to the end users.

Joel is fluent in Japanese, highly effective in business negotiations, and an expert in managing major projects from start to finish. He also is an active member of his community; he supports local arts by contributing to the Wildrice Theatre group and serving on a panel at the Singapore Management Institute advising older workers on how to learn new skills to re-enter the workforce.

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Joel Devidal

Joel Devidal is an entrepreneur with a sharp business mind and a keen ability for helping companies navigate changing times and move toward successful futures.

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