What Makes America Great?
Paul Smith

I grew up in Michigan. My dad was an engineer for Oldsmobile — a brand that no longer exists, but with a long history and proud tradition in the Lansing area. Lansing had three pillars — state government, Michigan State University, and Oldsmobile. Knock down one pillar and everybody falls down. People are often rooted to place, by habit, by family, by tradition. When a core economic institution that was at the centerpiece of that disappears for reasons that are hard to understand, folks get disoriented and angry, desperate. I left when I went to college, then lived on both coasts. Without much of an education it’s tough to start over — to believe in yourself enough to think it even possible. Obama was the candidate of Hope and Change — the moving Forward despite the wealthy and privileged who held the 47% in contempt (Mitt Romney). Trump was the candidate of anger and disruption of the establishment — another source of hope and change. In places like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Trump got votes from folks who voted for Obama. Hillary just didn’t make the sale.

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