Cruel Shoes
Dave Pell

This is very astute. My feeling, after working for years trying to help small businesses get online, is really two issues: 1. The people in any industry in the process of being disintermediated wanted to work in the way that industry originally worked. They don’t seem as interested in the results (success or the lack thereof) as they are in the process — focused more on the means than the ends. 2. People in many such industries did so because they weren’t accomplished academically enough to choose another field. So presenting them with a simplified version of how a website/social media could help promote their business to always-online Millenials just doesn’t seem to register with them. Revitalizing their business, pivoting into new avenues, researching the latest best practices, even just selling them seems out of reach. So they age, their business gets slower and slower, and one day they just close them.

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