Exploring new opportunities in a new country

Brazilian born NSCC Business Administration student finds new passion

Thiago Pererra is eager to enter Canadian work force.

The 36 year old Brazilian is currently enrolled in Buisness Administration at the NSCC’s Ivany Campus, although he initially intended to take industrial engineering Pererra is glad to have ended up where he is.

Pererra started weighing his options for pursuing an education in Canada about two years ago and was originally considering moving to New Brunswick to attend classes at the NBCC. After doing some research Pererra thought that Halifax would be a better fit.

“When I arrived and started taking business administration I realized how many great opportunities there are in Halifax” Says Pererra.

Pererra worked as a mechanical engineer in the oil industry in Brazil for 7 years and moved from Rio De janerio to Halifax earlier this year citing saftey concerns as well as political and economic instability for his decision to move.

“In Brazil there was lots of violence, it was unsafe” says Pererra “There just aren’t the same options in Brazil as in Canada”

Although unsure of Business Administration what area he’ll focus in, he believes that his previous work experience and international connections will serve as a great asset and looks forward to completing his studies so he can think about starting a family here in Halifax.

“My wife is a getting her doctorate degree in nutrition science, she’ll be finishing school this month.” Pererra’s wife Josie is also very excited about starting a new life in a new home, and will be making the move from Rio De Janerio

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