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I support Jeff Sieting 100% If I lived in Kalkaska I would vote for him.

The problem here is that people on the left love the 1st Amendment when they want to call people who disagree with their liberal ideology racists, homophobes, islamophobes or baskets of deplorables. The tactic of the left has always been to kill the messenger and try destroy the reputations of those who do not bow down to the leftist alter. The refuse to discuss or debate issues on their merits, with facts. Instead, they cry racism. Those on the left say we should all be much more “tolerant” and accepting of others, but they refuse to tolerate those who do not support their leftist ideology.

It’s about time people started to wake up to the reality of what muslims really are, and what their intentions are. They are not here to assimilate to our American culture. They are here for the sole purpose of creating issues and problems to that will eventually cause America to fall apart from within. They know they cannot attack the US with a standing army, they can’t invade us, they don’t have nukes (thank God)so they infiltrate to bring about destruction from within.

When you hear the leftists in the media or education tell the story about Islam and the Muslims it always starts with The Crusades. They try to make the case that if not for those terrible, horrible, menacing Christians invading the middle east during the crusades, all would be fine. But they never include the time period between 610, when Muhammad began preaching to 1096 when Pope Urban II finally began to push back against the Muslim invaders that held Constantinople under siege for over 400 years.

It’s about time the PC Police shut up and look at the real verifiable facts about Muslims and Islam. They are not the victims, they never have been, they are the aggressors, the invaders, and always have been. But who am I kidding. Do I really think the liberals and leftists are going to have a rational discussion or debate, with real facts? Of course not. They’ll continue to destroy and impugn all who do not conform to their ideology.

So if there are any people out there who are interested in learning the real truth, presented with real facts, and real references to all the sources of information, and want to think for themselves, check out this video from Stephan Molyneux, The Truth About The Crusades.

All of his videos provide links to all of the sources. He discusses, with real facts and statistics, a wide variety of relevant historical and current issues. Be forewarned, if you’re a snowflake leftist, you might be offended by the truth. and if you’re a hard core leftist who’s up to challenge of a real debate, I would love to see you try to refute the facts he presents.

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