Muslims are not our enemy. Terrorists are our enemy. Big difference.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Victoria, If you don’t see the parallels between the terrorists and the teaching of the Quran then you just haven’t studied it, at all.

Calling Stefan Molyneux a “a far right extremist” is a typical retort of the leftists. Impugn and demonize your opponents, slap some bumper-sticker derogatory label on them, and refuse to engage in a debate based in real facts.

And exactly where are you referring to when you say “…whose credibility doesn’t mean much around here.” The reason most leftist try to discredit, demonize and impugn their opponents is because they know they can’t win the arguments and debates when forced to set aside feelings and emotions and use verifiable facts, logic, reason, and rational thought.

If you want to say that Stefan Molyneux has no credibility, then select any one of his videos and provide verifiable facts to show his comments and or sources are inaccurate. The reason leftist don’t like him is because if they actually listen to him, and check his sources, they’ll realize he’s right. But typical leftist, you’ll simply discredit, impugn and demonize him just to avoid a real debate, and most likely having your feelings hurt.

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