Goodbye Democracy and Capitalism
Floris Koot

I’m afraid you said it at the get go. We buy it and ask for more. People seem to demand that things be different, yet when confronted they will almost always tell you, it isn’t their fault.

Plastic bags are destoying the earth, but can you even buy old-fashioned waxpaper to wrap your sandwiches? The grocery clerks don’t even ask “paper or plastic?” any longer — they know the answer.

I remember as a kid the whole family would pile into the car each Friday eening. We’d go out for dinner then hit the grocery store on the way home. We’d bring the week’s shopping in four or five cardboard boxes, the same boxes that the store had recived the goods in that we’d buy. When we got home, Dad would break down the boxes and they’d be stored and used around the house. Never were they trash.

When’s the last time you got a cardboard box at the supermarket?

Soda. We used to get in glass bottles that were used again and again and again and again and again. Now plastic.

Fast food. Used to be wrapped in paper. Now plastic.

Plastic. Plastic. Plastic.

And is all of this plastic better, or is it just more convenient?

Do we buy it and ask for more?

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