New Faces To Stare At

Chilled but not chilly afternoons at the crib (100% real sunshine)

Do you find yourself staring at people when you’re in a city? I love observing other humans and wondering about who they are, what they do, why they chose to wear all black, or a tee shirt on a cold day, or where they’re going to take that large black bag.

A new city means new faces to stare at on the tram with the likelihood of seeing the same person twice very very low. There is one man who I’ve seen four times already at my local train platform, but he is slightly odd and runs around talking to himself and asking for loose change and looking slightly wild.

My first date in Melbourne consisted of going to a gig (paying to go to said gig) and sitting outside so the music wouldn’t interrupt conversation. Haha. And neither the date nor the bar tender knew what a Pilsner was?!?

Melbourne is everything I thought New York would be. Fitzroy is how I imagined Brooklyn to look. I am told by a French man I look French.

The cold here is like an early Autumn day in Christchurch. I am surrounded by bird song in the area I live in, constant magpies gurgling out warnings and other new birds that clatter and scream from dawn til dusk. Local birds can also be spotted eating pomegranates off the tree because POMEGRANATES GROW ON TREES. Seeing citrus growing in someone’s front yard is pretty exciting too.

oh. my. gosh. look at her fruit.

I tried a new thing: Lord of the Fries = worst burger of my life. Somehow I didn’t realise it was fake bacon and fake meat patty (don’t ask me how I missed this!) and I’m pretty sure the mayo was fake too. Uggggggghhh. I also realised that I haven’t eaten any fruit in the last two weeks…whoops (have now bought fruit and scurvy will be kept at bay).

yum yum get in my tum

Food highlights from the week include $6.50 Indian curries from Om Vegetarian, a local pizza shop, and my friend’s amazing lasagna. And $1 avacados!!!!!!! None of this $7 crap, although to balance it out kiwifruit here are crazy expensive (.50-.80 cents per fruit).

Victoria Market making it real

I will end with this life changing question:

What cat will you be? LOLZ.