Do you hide your collection from people?

There you are, having out with family or friends and you decide to have them check out something in the other room. Uh oh. The other room is where you display your collection of plastic goodness. What are you to do?

Let me ask you this, should it matter what your friends and family think about collecting action figures? The easy answer is no. But, there are people who for whatever reason, no matter how much they love their hobby are simply not comfortable when their friends and family look down on them. I was in the same boat about a decade or so ago. Now I am simply happy sharing my love of collecting.

When I was in High School, I was a huge fan of collecting action figures and watching anime. Now back then we didn’t have Naruto or Attack on Titan, and it wasn’t readily available. In most cases, getting a VHS copy of anime was as hard as getting the Star Wars Christmas Special. Most of the anime you could get at the time was more adult oriented and collecting it came with a huge stigma. Everyone just knew, that even though you watched Ranma or Gundam it was the same as watching a cartoon with tentacles…..if you don’t know, don’t ask.

The same went for collecting action figures. You are in your later teens, most of your friends are doing other things, and you are doing other things. Trying to get a boyfriend/girlfriend, look cool, sports or whatever. Anyone collecting action figures was looked down on as still being childish. It was like this even into my early twenties, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. With such a negative perception, how is it that we have been able to continue with our hobbies? I am sure that there are a lot of us out there that simply gave up. I know that the hardest part of collecting was the constant criticism from one Uncle that I used to really admire. Every time he was in town, I would have to hear it non-stop how he disapproved of my collecting toys how it was childish and I should know better. It really took a toll on me. I beat myself up for years as a result. Then I realized something. He is a dick. Favorite Uncle or not he had no right to tell me what is or isn’t childish….this is a guy who wiped down his truck with a cloth diaper every day.

Here is the thing, collecting action figures is becoming more prevalent in today’s society, with the increase of superhero movies and anime, people are more inclined to seek out items to share at work or at home. They have become works of art, and people should be proud to display them. Action figure sales account for 1.44 billion dollars in 2016. It has been steadily rising year after year. In 2017, we are at 1.39 billion dollars in sales, America makes up 41% of the sales of toys, and Asia/Oceanic makes up as much as 30%. Besides trying to “WOW” you with numbers, the point I am trying to make is that action figures are here to stay, collecting them is as mainstream now as Russian’s hacking. Be proud of your collection, if someone doesn’t like the fact that you collect them….there is like 7 billion people out there, your choices of friends is pretty limitless.

What do you think about collecting action figures and displaying them?