How to remove price tags from your collectible figures

One of those things that has plagued collectors till recently has been finding that one gem of a figure and plastered smack dab in the middle is a price tag sticker. Think about it, you have found the vintage toy of a life time and blocking its beauty is an ugly, old, crusty price tag sticker. Almost makes you want to punch a clown. Don’t judge.

I am going to touch on a technique that I have been seeing going around the internet on how to remove these nasty little distractions. Please note, everything I cover here today is not tested by me. Though I will be trying this out on my own vintage toys. If you try this at home, do so only at your own risk. We do not assume responsibility for any damage that may be caused.

The things you will need to remove an old sticker from your toys are;

· A razor blade

· Q-tips

· Lighter fluid

You will start with dousing the sticker with the lighter fluid, you don’t want this to sit very log, be sure to have your razor blade or X-acto knife close by. Hold the blade as close to horizontal to the sticker as you can and gently try to lift the sticker. This may take a while, don’t try to force it or rush it. Take your time. Once the sticker is removed, you can use the Q-tip to remove any residual residue that may be left behind from the sticker.

That is pretty much it, you should be left with a clean surface, and if the card is pretty old you may see a bit of color difference, as the sticker would cover the original colors on the card or packaging.

I know what you are thinking, can this work on newer figures that suffer the same fate? Well, there are other tricks you can try that should work much better. Being that the sticker would have been more recently placed you have the advantage of the glue still being “fresh”.

· Using a hair dryer on the sticker for 30 to 60 seconds can cause the glue to loosen up allowing you to gently remove the sticker from the packaging.

· You can use a pencil eraser to remove the residue left after the sticker is removed.

Either option should give you the best possible solution to removing unwanted tags from your action figures. Being one to practice what I preach, I will be trying these out myself and making a video of the process and results. How do you remove those unwanted price tags from your vintage pieces?