The Future of Hobbies to Heroes

I am seriously considering closing Hobbies to Heroes. I have tried for 2 years to build this business and I teeter on the edge of growing or closing. I chose to try to grow the business and I have next to zero support from people. This excludes the 2 folks who supported me ( you know who you are, you guys rock)

To the people who don’t support me, and I know who you are. There were better ways to let me know that you didn’t support me. I didn’t need to be patted on the head and treated the way I have been. If I proceed with closing Hobbies to Heroes, I will excuse myself from all social events ( schools, churches, etc.) as well as all social media.

There is nothing more frustrating then to put everything you have into something you love and the people around you, who you thought would support you, treat you like your work and dreams don’t matter. For the last 2 years I have busted myself to make Hobbies to Heroes work. I have worked full time jobs, that I hate. I have suffered from terrible metal stress and depression and I have had to listen to people who are supposed to be my friends, family and mentors tell me that I shouldn’t focus on my dream.

So, answer me this. Why is your dream better then mine? Why is my dream “a great side gig” or that I should “focus on getting a real job”? Why should I listen to people tell me about their trips around the world, but then I should keep my mouth shut when I talk about my business? I don’t believe in things like luck or gods any more. I have always thought that I should put in the work and in return your hard work is rewarded. The last few weeks have really taught me that this isn’t the case anymore. I broke the one stupid rule I have had, and that was to allow myself to ask for help. Growing up, I knew that asking for help was a one way ticket to getting proverbially “shit on”. I knew growing up in the house hold I did as a teenager, you don’t ask for help, and if you fail you will be kicked when you are down. Well, I kept trying and even with my successes, I kept getting kicked when I was up or down.

Building Hobbies to Heroes was everything to me. I finally felt like I found the one thing I could do and succeed at. However time after time, I have faced people who would rather tear me down or ignore me then to offer a hand up and work with me. From friends to people who I would have called family members, it’s been the same. But hey, if I sit in your cheering section and make sure I support you, it’s all good right?

I have fought so hard and invested so much of myself into creating this company and I am so broken to find that people would rather watch you suffer for their own entertainment then be supportive.

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