BITF 2019

Temple Submission

Temple name: Icosahedral

The general design plan:

Designed from reflecting icosahedral symmetry. Structure will stand 12 feet high. Entrance is though the open triangular archways. The main panels will be constructed from ply and etched with backlit patterns. The geometry and patterning will be reflected in the lamps hanging from the corners.

Pics of similar techniques:

The concept:

That’s up to you, I just want to offer this structure as the temple, and let people bring there own meanings to it.


Random art work form the past:

Laser Mandela -

Photographs of an evolving glow in the dark image drawn by adjusting dials on a DIY laser drawing machine:


Photographs of an installation where a life size human form appears to float in the dark. The installation also had a soundscape built around the human breath and embedded binaural frequencies.



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